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If you order before lunch we aim to get your order on the next available overnight courier.

Weekend orders, including Friday, will be shipped for overnight delivery on Tuesday morning. 

We don't recommend shipping to rural addresses just yet as we can’t guarantee the delivery within 24 hours. The best option here would be to see if your local independent dairy or shop would like to stock us. We’ll throw freebies your way if it works out!

If you are super desperate and are keen to roll the dice with a rural delivery, please make sure you use the rural delivery pricing and also understand that we don't have any control over how long the delivery will take. We'll do our best to package your order super well but ultimately it's up to you to take the risk.

We don’t ship internationally. Yet.



We’ve all been there. Usually, you’re looking for a dial with two lines and a fan in the middle. That’s fan bake. The other dial next to it has a whole pile of numbers, spin it to 180. Wait 10 minutes, open the door. Is it hot? Great job! Take the bread out of the packaging and put it on a baking tray. Slide it in, gently. Set your iPhone timer to 10 minutes. Use an oven mitt or tea towel to take it out. It should be slightly crispy and smelling amazing. It will be hot so be careful.



No. They are made using a lot of wheat. We do currently have a dairy-free option in our HOMBRE HALF BAKED BREAD which is also vegan friendly.


How do I stock you in my shop?

It’s easy. Email HI@AUTOBAKE.NZ, we’ll send you some details and set you up on our wholesale site. You can order your heart out from there.


Where can I buy your bread?

At the moment we are primarily online, but are adding stockists as we can! If you know of someone who might like to stock us, hook us up! We show gratitude in bread. Have a look HERE to see our current physical stockists.


Any other questions?

Drop us a line HI@AUTOBAKE.NZ

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